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My mother-in-law hates me

Premiere: December 22, 2022
Production company: LAF Productiones
Distributed by: Cinépolis Mexico
Cast: Itatí Cantoral, Loretto Bernal, Jerry Velázquez, Alexis de Anda.
Tickets sold: 206.000 (10th Mexican most watched movie of 2022 according to Comscore)
Streaming: Amazon Prime Video (top ten movie for 35 days) and Vix +

Girls on top

Premiere: February 13, 2020
Production company: LAF Productiones
Distributed by: BF Distribution (Chile)
Cast: Loretto Bernal, Natalia Valdebenito, Alison Mandel
Tickets sold: 100,000. Second most watched Chilean film between 2018-2020.
Streaming: Acquired by Netflix. 10th most watched content in Netflix Chile in 2020.




Andrés Feddersen

Producer and director.
He directed My Mother-in-law hates me, a film distributed in Mexico by Cinépolis Distribución and Girls on top, a box office hit that reached the TOP 1 on Netflix for 5 days. He has directed more than 300 commercials for international brands such as Microsoft, Netflix, Walmart and Nivea. 

Loretto Bernal

Producer, actress, and screenwriter.
She wrote and starred in Girls on top and My Mother-in-law hates me, distributed in Mexico by Cinépolis Distribución. She has written and starred in social media videos that have been watched more than 500 million times around the world. Creator of the social network LAF Producciones with more than 2 million followers.


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